Invest in people, not products.

With CNote you earn a better return while investing in the causes and communities that matter to you.

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"CNote is an investment vehicle for savers who want a good ROI."

CNote wins the Top Innovation Award in the FinTech category at SXSW '17

"CNote looks to upend traditional savings..."

"CNote is able to give the majority of the interest generated back to the client" through a "technology-first approach."

CNote provides "a 2.5% return to savers, in contrast to the standard .1% most traditional banks offer.”

Learn more about CNote’s founders and their mission to make finance more inclusive.

What is CNote?

better place to park your cash

CNote is an alternative to your traditional savings account, but unlike banks, 100% of your dollars support local businesses and communities. We know safety is a priority. CNote’s federally-certified partners have not lost a single investor dollar. Ever.

How CNote works for you.

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Innovative and simple. We don’t need lasers, CGI, or a team of animators to explain what we do and why you’ll love it.

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Earn 2.5% with 100% social impact

Social impact

Social return with better earnings

Through our nationwide network of non-profit CDFIs, you will help fund loans that change lives. These stories are just a small sample of how impactful your money can be. The result? A better return for you (and some really good karma).
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Over $18,000,000 committed

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Even if its your first investment, you’ll start seeing better returns while helping local communities grow.

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A remarkably easy process. Just a few steps and I was done.

Paul, California

I love that I make a higher return while helping women and minority entrepreneurs build prosperous companies. For me, that's a win-win!

Roni, New York

I am proud my money is going to work for me and my community.

Priya, San Francisco

  • Earn Up To 2.5% With No Fees

    What’s the difference between 0% and 2.5%? An extra $500* per year in your pocket, compared to your savings account. Not too shabby. Banks charge fees, we don’t. There’s a reason why our customers have committed millions of dollars to the CNote platform.

  • Your Dollars Driving Change

    100% of your money is invested in under-served communities and local economic development Your CNote dollars fund community development projects and are invested in women and minority-led businesses that are often ignored by traditional financial institutions. Because of you, women like Maria and Julie have the opportunity to support their families – and their futures.

  • Quarterly Liquidity

    CNote provides quarterly liquidity to ensure your dollars are accessible when you need them. CNote is a medium-term savings option, not your daily ATM. You can access up to 20K each quarter. Our quarterly access is intentional – to help you save better and to provide responsible capital to small businesses.

  • Social return with better earnings

    Social impact means investing in women, minorities and low-income communities. Today in the U.S., minorities are 3x as likely to get denied a small business loan. Women receive less than 5% of all small business capital. With CNote, you are helping create a new financial reality, one where everyone has fair access to capital and an equal opportunity for financial empowerment.