Change how you invest
and you can change lives.

CNote makes it easy for individuals and institutions to invest in economic inclusion across America.

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CNote investments help “promote small-business growth and job creation in underprivileged communities.”

“CNote Helps Make CDFI Investing Easier And Accessible.”

“CNote wins Payment and FinTech category and Best Startup Pitch Company.”

Money is power.
Wield yours to build the world you want.

  • With CNote, your investment supports Main-Street America, funding small business loans, affordable housing, and community development in low-income areas.
  • Investors ranging from institutions to individuals have committed over $25 million to CNote.
  • CNote Impact in 2018:
    • Investments helped create or maintain over 1,400 jobs.
    • 60 cents out of every dollar invested funded minority-led businesses.
    • 43 cents out of every dollar invested funded women-led businesses — that’s around 10x the national average.1

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Social impact

Invest in people.

Not products.

Through CNote’s nationwide network of federally-certified community lenders, your investment funds loans that change lives.
These stories are just a small sample of how impactful your money can be.

How CNote Works


When you invest in CNote promissory notes, we diversify your investment across our network of certified community lenders to reduce risk.2


 Every dollar supports community development, funding loans for female and minority entrepreneurs, affordable housing, and bringing opportunity to low-income areas.


You earn a competitive return as loans are repaid, jobs are created, and communities prosper.3

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