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Launch Coverage Recap


CNote made history with its launch to non-accredited investors on September 27, 2017. We are the first company to offer everyday investors seamless access to the reliable return and social impact of CDFIs. This launch was built on thousands of hours of effort. We are grateful for all the support and help we’ve had along the way.

Launching the first impact-focused savings product is a huge step towards our goal of delivering financial empowerment to even more people.

You can read more about our launch to all investors, and read the press release here.

We are beyond excited about being accessible to all investors now.

We are also grateful for the coverage we received from the following outlets.


Investing Your Savings in America’s Small Businesses Reaps 40X Greater Return

CNote “is an online financial product that provides a better place to invest your cash. It’s first product provides 2.5% interest versus that 0.06% of traditional banks. Banks are using your money to underwrite credit card debt and mortgages. CNote invests 100% of your dollars in Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), such as Pursuit LendingCDC Small Business Finance and  Main Street Launch Capital. In turn, these organizations lend to minorities, women, low income, or otherwise underserved entrepreneurs that may have difficulty getting money from a bank.” 

Fast Company

This Startup Lets You Use Your Extra Cash To Invest In Community Development

CNote “gives savers a 2.5% return to savers, in contrast to the standard .1% most traditional banks offer. The company was selected as the best startup pitch winner at South by Southwest in March of this year, as well as the winner of the fintech category competition. After a lengthy process throughout the spring and summer, CNote became the first high-yield impact product to be qualified by the Security and Exchange Commission for mass market.”

Impact alpha

CNote launches to bring impact investing to savings accounts

“The Oakland-based startup CNote wants to reward everyday savings-account holders with more than a fraction of a point of interest.”

Climate-resilience for Puerto Rico, CNote’s impact savings, ADAP’s real-time deals, future of energy is distributed

“The first product is a “high-yield savings product” that pools deposits and invests them in Community Development Financial Institutions, or CDFIs. Unlike banks, which use the cash for credit cards or loans and typically offer depositors less than 1% interest, the CDFIs invest in women and minority-owned businesses or local infrastructure. CNote’s product returns 2.5% to depositors.”

San Francisco Business Times

Oakland fintech CNote gets SEC approval to offer masses a savings account paying 2.5 percent — with caveats (Paywall)

The launch was just the beginning. Now we need to share the message with everyone in America that they deserve to earn more than 0.05% on their savings. We’re on a mission to deliver better returns and tangible social impact to every saver. Join us.

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