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Flagship Fund

Invest in people, not products.

What is Flagship Fund?

better place for short term investing.

Flagship Fund is an alternative to other short-term investment options. 100% of your dollars are directed to community development organizations that fund loans for small businesses, help build affordable housing and bring sustainable economic growth to communities across America.

Invest in Main Street America

Equal access to capital.

Flagship Fund invests solely in federally-certified community development financial institutions (CDFIs) that have decades of experience providing critical lending and financial services to under-served communities across America. CDFIs are critical sources of capital, helping to fund small businesses, affordable housing, and other community development initiatives.

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Our mission is to build a more equal and inclusive economy for all through financial innovation. With that in mind, CNote’s Flagship Fund is available to all investors. With no minimums or no fees, so there is no barrier to anyone investing in financial inclusion.
Investing in female and minority entrepreneurs isn’t just to check a box. These entreprenuers have the opportunity to drive new levels of propsperity in America and are often among the fastest-growing categories of entreprenuers.
CDFIs have been fighting discriminatory lending practices for decades, making financial services available to all communities.
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