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Unlock your potential to drive social and economic change with Impact Cash® deposits

CNote works with impact-driven credit unions to streamline the process of accessing outside deposits, highlight community impact, and bridge long-term relationships with corporations. 

Connecting You with Flexible Deposits:

CNote’s Impact Cash program leverages proprietary technology to efficiently match impactful credit unions with flexible deposits via a network of aligned corporate investors. These investors share a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion and are genuinely dedicated to supporting low-income communities and communities of color.

  • Diversified deposit base to build resilience through economic highs and lows 
  • Support member growth through expanded capital access and collaborations with renowned household brands
  • Funding for new and existing programs
  • Marketing support for increased visibility and thought leadership opportunities
  • Expertise and resources around impact reporting best practices
Access impact investor capital

CNote removes the barrier of complex corporate treasury management systems and investment policies so you can access deposits with ease.

“Just like we benefited from the funds on deposit we received from CNote, which have the potential to grow, we’ve benefited from the organization’s energy and collaborative approach. We at LCCU help people access and thrive in the formal financial system, and CNote wants to add to this industry.” 

– Alison Beck Yonas, SVP, Finance and Strategic Investments LCCU

Visibility for Long-Term Growth

CNote takes a community-first approach in our role as a capital intermediary. Through Impact Cash, we educate corporate and enterprise impact investors on the community development your credit union creates and sustains. When they’re ready to invest, we connect corporations with depositories like yours.

Some of our partners include:

Impact Reporting to Amplify Your Work

Accurate impact data is essential for community financial institutions. Collecting this data, however, is a labor-intensive, expensive endeavor. Through Impact Cash, CNote provides marketing and impact evaluation support to help credit unions tell their qualitative and quantitative impact stories. Additionally, we assist credit unions in refining their impact reporting processes and frameworks to amplify their transformative work and align with investor interests.

Program highlights

The Impact Cash program is a No Fee Program. Learn more about how we can help you flourish.