Diversification with Impact

A Cash Management Solution with Heart

CNote provides a turnkey technology solution to manage scalable community deposits and fixed income investments with significant impact. Administration and underwriting is streamlined and enterprises access financial tracking and custom quarterly impact reporting through a single platform.

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Impact Cash® for Enterprises

Enterprises seeking to diversify their portfolios while controlling costs and risks are turning to Impact Cash, CNote’s innovative cash management tool that paves the way for placing substantial FDIC and NCUA insured deposits across a network of impact-driven banks and credit unions.

Some of our clients include:

Program Highlights

Custom Notes for Enterprises

CNote’s custom loan service offers impact aligned investors a unique opportunity to focus on the causes and communities they care most about through strategic investments. Invest in racial justice, gender equity, or climate justice, or work with us to design something new.

  • Lock-in Future Returns: Benefit from fixed rates for the entire duration of your loan, securing today’s rates for tomorrow
  • Sustainable Impact: Enjoy impactful terms ranging from 2 to 10 years
  • Personalized Focus: Exercise your preference by choosing causes most aligned with your mission and areas of interest
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor your note terms and impact focus according to your investment policy and commitment to social issues

Connecting You with Communities

CNote brings community finance expertise and deep ties with impact-driven financial institutions to know where capital is needed and how enterprise cash can help. We remove the barriers to investments that generate measurable and positive impact so you can manage your balance sheet with ease and peace of mind.

“CNote brings a nationwide network of community partners and the expertise to know when and where capital is needed. They also know how to work with a corporate finance department, and made it easier for us to broaden and deepen our efforts to help underserved communities of color thrive.”
– Aaron Anderson, Treasurer, PayPal

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