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CNote’s 2023 Annual Impact Report

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We are excited to unveil the CNote 2023 Annual Impact Report, documenting a year of robust growth and enduring commitment to economic and social justice!

Despite the challenges posed by the SVB Bank crisis and other market turbulences, we’ve advanced our mission through impactful financial solutions and strong community partnerships, and were excited to share those achievements.

This year’s report highlights:

  • The significant expansion of our network of community financial institution partners, demonstrating our deepening impact across the community finance ecosystem.
  • An in-depth look at our fixed income solutions, such as the substantial contributions of Impact Cash and customized fixed income investments that have catalyzed social and economic development.
  • The diligent and thorough process we use to evaluate and onboard new financial institution partners, ensuring alignment with our values and impact goals.
  • The impactful initiatives undertaken by the Wisdom Fund Collaborative to improve capital access for women of color entrepreneurs.
  • A heartfelt acknowledgment from our cofounders, Yuliya Tarasava and Catherine Berman, reflecting on our achievements and the challenges of the past year.

Explore the detailed achievements and stories of change in our 2023 Annual Impact Report:

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