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CNote’s Q4 2023 Impact Report

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CNote is excited to share our Q4 2023 Impact Report! Check it out here.

You’ll read more about CNote’s proprietary impact framework developed to assess the positive impact made by community financial institutions on our platform. We also share updates on CDFI loan funds’ capital challenges, and how impact-driven depository institutions are embracing fintech partnerships to grow. Here’s more you can expect:

  • Spotlights featuring our mission-driven community partners that leverage investor funds to uplift communities and the small businesses receiving their support.
  • A look at new research coming from the ICA Fund, a Wisdom Fund Collaborative member, on how they are driving wealth creation in diverse communities.
  • New data on the progress of our Impact Cash® portfolio
  • A look inside the corporate client experience with Impact Cash via a conversation with T.Rowe Price Vice President & Assistant Treasurer, Evantz Perodin.

Take a look:

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