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CNote explained in 60 seconds


Note that effective January 1, 2019, the rate on all CNote accounts has increased to 2.75%

If you are new to CNote you may have some questions. How do you pay 2.5%? How safe is CNote? Where does my money go?

The video below should help answer most of these questions in only 60 seconds.

If you still want to learn more, you may want to visit our FAQ or our Risk & Return Page.


Transcript of the video:

So you may be wondering, how does CNote earn you 2.5% on your savings when your bank pays you next to nothing?

Unlike banks, CNote doesn’t use your savings to fund credit cards or mortgages. We lend your deposits out to US-Treasury-certified community lenders that have more than 20 years of proven financial performance. 

These community lenders build our schools, fund our community centers and invest in the women and minority-led businesses that keep our communities thriving.

Until now, access to these high performing community lenders was only readily available to large banks and foundations. CNote’s proprietary technology gives every-day investors like you access to these investments.

Also, unlike banks, we return the profit earned on these loans back to you instead of keeping it to pay big bonuses and excessive overhead. We never charge you any fees, and the 2.5% goes straight into your pocket.

Welcome to a world of finance driven by good, not greed.

Welcome to CNote.

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