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The Promise Account Impact CashTM Solution

Insured Cash Management with Impact.

What is the Promise Account Impact CashTM?

A more impactful cash management solution.

CNote’s Impact CashTM product is a cash management solution designed for FDIC and NCUA insurance coverage that provides institutions a single management point for deposits targeting competitive returns and positive social impact. The Promise Account Impact CashTM provides flexible liquidity and the peace of mind that comes from federal (FDIC and NCUA) backing

Key Features:

Where does my money go?

Impact CashTM. Optimized by CNote.

When you allocate your cash to the Promise Account Impact CashTM CNote spreads your investment across partner CDFI Banks and Low-Income Designated Credit Unions, optimizing for return and impact so you know your cash is earning a competitive return while supporting underserved communities. Below are some examples of organizations and borrowers. that have received financial assistance from Promise Account Impact CashTM program partners. 

Illustrative Promise Account Impact CashTM Program Beneficiaries.

How does it work?

Simple. Insured. Impact.

The Promise Account Impact CashTM fills a gap for institutional investors like foundations that want to support financially underserved communities across the country while generating competitive returns on their cash allocations. CNote invests Promise Account Impact CashTM dollars in depository products, such as money market accounts and CDs, from vetted FDIC- and NCUA-insured credit unions and CDFI banks. CNote optimizes this basket of products to achieve the highest returns with 90-day liquidity for account holders with FDIC or NCUA backing.

In line with our mission to drive more resources to undercapitalized communities, CNote deploys Promise Account Impact CashTM funds solely with institutions that target positive social impact, focusing on credit unions and CDFI banks that serve low-income communities.

To achieve a similar financial and social return without the Promise Account Impact CashTM, investors would have to find the right products, research them, and manage multiple accounts to maximize returns and maintain relative liquidity—something few have the bandwidth to do.

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