Last modified: September 27, 2017

Electronic Document Delivery Consent



Because CNote Group, Inc. operates on the internet, and that is the main medium with which we interact with our customers, we request that you consent to transact business with us online and electronically. The law mandates that we receive your consent to provide certain disclosures electronically, either via our site or to the email address you provide. Your consent to this electronic document policy applies to the issuance of all future documents unless you revoke consent. If you consent to delivery of documents electronically they will be available on your account profile page upon logging in to CNote’s secure client portal.

By agreeing to this agreement, you consent to receive electronically all documents, communications, notices, contracts, and agreements, including any IRS forms, or notes, arising from or relating to any other business you conduct with CNote.

An IRS form 1099 refers to any form 1099 or other form, schedule, or information statement, including corrections of such documents, required to be provided pursuant to U.S. Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations and that may be provided electronically (each, an “IRS form 1099”). Typically, CNote issues these forms in accordance with federal law to memorialize interest earnings by our customers throughout the year.

The decision to do business with us electronically is yours. This document informs you of your rights concerning disclosures. You can withdraw consent at any time by furnishing the withdrawal in writing (electronically or on paper) to CNote’s mailing address or to Confirmation of the withdrawal will be provided in writing (electronically or on paper). Electronic forms will not be provided to customers, if they cancel or otherwise close their account, or if there is no filing requirement for a given customer in a specific year. For example, some tax forms only need be issued if the customer earned more than $10 in interest for that year.


All disclosures will be provided to you electronically through, either on our site or via electronic mail to the email address you provided. If you require paper copies of such disclosures, you may write to us at CNote 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612 and a paper copy will be sent to you. If you do not consent to receive an IRS form 1099 electronically, or subsequently revoke such consent, a paper copy of any IRS form 1099 required to be delivered to you, after the effective time of your failure to consent or revocation of consent, will be sent to you at the latest mailing address you have provided. Accordingly, you should keep your address current to assure important mailings reach your current address. You can update your contact information, including mailing address, by visiting signing in and navigating to Account->Personal Data. CNote issues documents in Portable Document Format (PDF), a widely used file format that can be viewed and printed via most web-connected devices such as phones, laptops and desktop computers. There are many free software solutions that can view and print PDF files, including most modern web browers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari along with Adobe Acrobat.

Note that a request for a paper copy of any disclosure will not be considered a withdrawal of your consent to receive disclosures electronically. Any IRS 1099 forms provided electronically will remain accessible through at least October 15 of the year in which such IRS form 1099 is made available; after that time the IRS form 1099 may no longer be accessible electronically. We may discontinue electronic provision of disclosures at any time in our sole discretion.

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