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Echoing Green – Social Impact Talent Report


w6USRvOUWe’re proud to announce that our founders Cat Berman and Yuliya Tarasava have been selected for consideration for the Echoing Green Fellowship. Each year Echoing Green evaluates thousands of applicants and roughly only 1% of applicants are selected. Congratulations are in order for Cat and Yuliya, who are working to democratize and simplify finance through CNote. The two will travel to New York for interviews and could be selected as finalists for the “Echoing Green Fellowships – [a] two year immersive leadership development program that provides seed-funding and hands-on support, and embeds them in the Echoing Green network.”

Echoing Green is a truly remarkable organization that “identifies tomorrow’s transformational leaders today.” Echoing Green works to find extraordinary individuals, who have influential ideas and original solutions. “We unite this diverse group of innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels to form a fellowship of passionate, global leaders. With access to funding, grants, and strategic foundational support, we can accelerate the positive vision these leaders have for the world.”

These leaders are true change makers dedicated to “transforming their communities, addressing economic development, racial and gender equity, environmental sustainability, and more.”

CNote is honored to be considered for such a high recognition. Our  focus on financial freedom and equality is aligned with Echoing Green’s mission, and we look forward to seeing how this opportunity develops.

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