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CNote selected for Y Combinator Fellowship


Y combinator

We are proud to announce that CNote has been selected to be a part of Y Combinator’s Fellowship program. YC has helped to fund and grow an amazing list of innovative companies, and we’re proud to be among their ranks.

The doors this opportunity opens is not lost on our team. We know this selection is just the first few steps in our march towards innovating and democratizing finance, but we’re extremely excited!  We’re looking forward to further refining our products and building more relationships in the financial technology space as a result of this fantastic opportunity with YC.

CNote was created from a place of optimism and determination. We are crazy enough to believe we can redesign finance and create products and services that inspire and empower, not confuse and frustrate. Our aim is to focus on inclusivity, integrity and community when creating every financial product we bring to market.

You can learn more about CNote and our mission here. Also, feel free to contact our team with any questions at

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