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CNote In The News – A Solid Start to 2019


What We’re Focused On

Our mission at CNote is to create competitive financial products that make money for our investors while building a more inclusive economy.


We know its a big goal, but big goals can create big change.

Some Exciting News

Occasionally, we’re lucky enough to receive industry recognition or build partnerships that help push us towards our goals and remind us that the work we’re doing resonates with a broader audience.

This week is one of those weeks for our team.

We wanted to briefly mention a few highlights we’re proud of.

Mastercard Start Path

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been selected to join this year’s Mastercard Start Path cohort.

It’s a long-running program with a track record of helping startups build key partnerships and gain broader access to customers, investors, and ecosystems.

Nearly 200 companies have participated in the program, and we’ve connected with nearly 10,000 of the world’s smartest startup founders to build the future of commerce together.

Thanks to the entire Mastercard team for their support!

CB Insights

Additionally, we’re grateful for recent recognition from CB Insights in their 2019 Fintech Trends to watch report.

We were previously invited to their Demo Day event, and given CB Insights’ growing reputation as a key provider of business intelligence and predictor of trends, we’re grateful they think our impact-focused Fintech company is worth a mention.

If you’re interested in Fintech or just enjoy lots of charts, their 2019 report is worth a look. The slide (p. 77) mentioning CNote is excerpted below.


We’re hoping 2019 is filled with even more milestones like this. Learn more about CNote.

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