CNote is a Flexible Capital Source for CDFIs and Credit Unions

CNote uses technology to unlock new capital sources for our Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Low-Income Designated Credit Union Partners.

What Is CNote?

CNote’s Capital Intermediary Program

CNote is a mission-aligned capital intermediary that streamlines investment into CDFI Loan Funds and the placement of cash at depository institutions like CDFI Banks and Low-Income Designed Credit Unions.

  • Operating since 2016 with over $90,000,000 deployed into communities
  • Female-founded and led certified B-Corp committed to financial inclusion and diversity
  • A mission-aligned organization with partnerships at leading CDFIs and OFN and staff with CDFI industry experience
  • Demonstrated commitment to growing the CDFI industry and educating the public about the transformative impact of community investment
How We Work with CDFIs

CNote ❤️’s Loan Funds

CNote’s first investment offering was built solely to drive new capital to loan funds. We are deeply aligned with the industry and work to provide sustainably priced and flexible capital. 

  • Access to Flexible Tranched Capital – Access loan capital in tranches to avoid paying interest on idle funds.
  • Ongoing Source of Diverse Debt Capital – Access to both individual and institutional investors and as you grow, we grow with you.
  • Increased Brand Awareness – CNote produces content for our CDFI partners and will coordinate on media campaigns and thought leadership.
  • Streamlined Due Diligence Process – CNote’s diligence is completed by industry experts through our online platform to streamline data collection.
  • Exposure to Diverse Group of Investors – Capital from CNote increases the pool of investors that are aware of, and invest in, your CDFI.

Benefits to Depository Institution Partners

Cheaper Deposits

No setup, service or management fees

Faster Access

Instead of spending months building investor relationships partnerships, capital can be sent in just a few days

Stickier Deposits

Impact-focused deposits are longer-term and less transactional

Deeper Partnerships

Ongoing collaboration with large impact investors and corporations can lead to future funding opportunities like equity, secondary capital, etc.

Increased Visibility

CNote advocates for the industry and its partners, brand awareness activities include media campaigns, case studies, webinars, etc.

What People Are Saying About CNote

“When others were hesitant to work with us and could not see the value we bring to communities, CNote was there, Thank you.”

Aisha Benson, EVP, TruFund (CDFI)

“Community Development Lenders Turning to CNote for a Boost During Crisis”


“CNote Gives Socially Conscious Investors New Ways To Battle Inequality”


“Impact Investors Could Be Credit Unions’ Path to Long-Term Resilience”

CU Times

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