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We’re raising rates in 2019!


CNote has always been committed to delivering tangible social impact while providing competitive financial returns. In 2019, we’re increasing the return on all CNote accounts to 2.75% as we work to prove that investing in a better world can still be profitable.

Impact + Financial Returns

We’ll continue to deliver the same great impact along with assuring that the capital we provide our non-profit partners is affordably priced and will continue to support sustained economic development in communities across America. CNote’s ultimate mission is to help close the wealth gap in America by increasing access to capital for communities that were commonly cut off from traditional funding sources.

Maria Harrington, Owner of Casa de Español, a CNote small business success story

As CNote’s CEO Catherine Berman noted, “For a long time, doing something good with your money wasn’t always the smartest financial decision. We’re challenging that thinking. In 2019, we’re making it even more financially rewarding for our members to invest with their values. If you’ve got extra cash sitting in an account paying you next to nothing, an investment in CNote is a great way to make your money work for you in 2019.”

Next Steps

Existing members don’t have to do anything and will see the increased earnings reflected in their account dashboard for January.

New members can sign up today and enjoy the increased rates starting January as well.

Additionally, CNote members can increase the APY on their accounts up to 3.00% by referring friends and family. You can learn more about the bonus requirements when you log into your secure dashboard.

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You can review the full press release here.


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