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Webinar: Investing in Indigenous Communities through CDFIs


CDFIs have a strong history of providing economic resources to financially underserved communities across America, helping to create jobs, fund small businesses, and support affordable housing development.

Often, many of the success stories you hear about CDFIs relate to urban or rural development projects and small business lending.

This webinar will focus on CDFIs that have been formed specifically to serve the needs of their local indigenous communities, providing economic resources, coaching, and other support to increase economic mobility and resiliency.

You’ll hear from two experienced practitioners who have been working in these communities for decades. You’ll learn about the common challenges they face, the work they do, and how you can get involved in investing in and supporting their efforts!

Please join us for this hour-long webinar dedicated to CDFIs working to empower Native and Indigenous Communities across America.

You can watch using this link or via the youtube video below.

Click here to download the slides.

This presentation was co-hosted by:

This webinar is co-hosted by the First Nations Oweesta Corporation and the Native American Community Development Corporation Financial Services, Inc. (NACDC) Candide Group and CNote.


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