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Webinar: Introducing CDFIs as a Way to Invest in Economic Inclusion


Interested in learning more about Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs)? Even if you missed the live presentation, you can watch the joint webinar by CNote and Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs (ACE) a Georgia-based CDFI.

Watch now using this link, or via the YouTube replay below.

In this webinar we introduce CDFIs, their history, the work they do in their local communities, and how they represent a compelling opportunity to invest in a more inclusive economy.

CDFIs have a strong history of providing economic resources to financially underserved communities across America, helping to create jobs, fund small businesses, and support affordable housing development. Now you have a chance to support that mission. We’ll explore, in detail, the way increased capital access and CDFI lending activities can have a transformative effect on local economies. Join us. 

This presentation was co-hosted by:

Martina Edwards, Chief of Strategic Partnerships, for Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs. ACE is a Georgia-based CDFI that has emerged as a leader in responsive and innovative small business financing.

Catherine Berman, CEO, CNote. Based in Oakland, CA, CNote is an award-winning investment platform that streamlines the process of investing in CDFIs for investors of all sizes from individuals to institutions.


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