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Investing locally for a global impact: An Introduction to How CDFIs are Addressing the Climate Crisis


CDFIs have a strong history of providing economic resources to financially under-served communities across America, helping to create jobs, fund small businesses, and support affordable housing development among other great projects.

With international attention and demand for action around the climate crisis, what role do CDFIs have in addressing this enormous challenge facing communities across America?

This webinar explores how CDFIs can proactively address the climate crisis and collectively scale their impact to build sustainable and resilient communities nationwide. It will also explain how investors can support CDFIs working in this space.

You’ll first hear from Elizabeth Rogers from CEI, a leading CDFI at the vanguard of community investing and climate change, and from Jen Leybovich who is leading a CDFI working group on the climate crisis. They’ll detail concrete examples of projects that are addressing climate change, along with sharing insights gained and plans for the future from the CDFI working group.

You’ll also hear from Yuliya Tarasava, the co-founder of CNote, an impact investing platform that works to connect investors with values-aligned opportunities to invest in CDFIs and target issues, like the climate crisis. Yuliya will detail the growing investor demand for climate-centered products and how increasing the pool of investor capital to support climate-centered initiatives by CDFIs can help address this urgent crisis.

If you’re looking to make investments that address the growing climate crisis or you’re a CDFI looking to find ways to get more involved in these issues, this webinar will be of interest to you.

You can watch the youtube recording below, or rewatch the full webinar experience using this link.


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