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What if…

We lived in a world where we could vote with our dollars – in everything we do.

Not just by buying a cup of coffee from the local shop we love, but by actually investing in that shop’s growth and success.

And what if we benefited too? Not only by feeling great about supporting our community, but actually creating financial freedom for ourselves along the way.

This is what we are creating..and we hope you’ll join us for the journey.

We are CNote.

CNote stands for co-creation. The idea that every $100…and really every $1…can be intentional and meaningful.

Instead of investing in what we’re told to invest in — stocks, bonds, ETFs, whatever the next acronym is — we invest in each other.

We call it investing in people, not products.

The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been inspiring and quite moving.

Join us creating a meaningful alternative for where our money goes and what our money stands for.

Join the village!

– Cat Berman, Co-founder

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