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Leveraging Corporations to Support Community Impact 

Case StudyCNote

CNote is proud to share a new case study with Optus Bank: Leveraging Corporations to Support Community Impact

Since 2017, Optus has seen the notoriety for their work skyrocket with a seven-fold growth. These investments allowed Optus to add staff and update its digital presence — allowing them to scale operations to serve more under-resourced community members.

This new environment left Optus with two main challenges:

  1. The need to increase sustainable deposits
  2. Increasing competition for previously available deposits

By partnering with CNote’s Impact Cash™ program, Optus Bank was able to increase deposit levels and elevate its visibility. 

“Impact Cash was exactly what Optus was looking for,” said Dominik. “Finding a new source of deposits that came from impact-minded corporations at low cost balanced the equity investments we received and allowed us to turn out more investments into the community to create impact.”

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