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Latino Community Credit Union Case Study

CNoteImpact Investing

CNote is proud to share a new case study: The Case for Reaching More Impact Investors which explores how the Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) was able to increase its deposit base by partnering with CNote, through our Promise Account program.

The case study highlights how CNote works with low-income designated credit unions and CDFI banks to grow their deposit base and improve their ability to provide financial resources to the communities they serve.

Here, the Latino Community Credit Union, while in a phase of rapid growth, recognized the need to grow and diversify its deposit base. Enter CNote’s Promise Account-a new, fully insured cash management solution, which gives investors a single place to achieve attractive market-rate returns while fostering positive social impact. CNote’s Promise Account Funds are a way for LCCU to access more investor deposits and meet its members’ growing demand for loans.

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