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Free Resources for Growth in 2022

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On January 26th, 2022 CNote hosted a webinar alongside Inclusiv and CUNA Strategic Services where they discussed key resources to help mission driven community financial institutions grow in 2022 and deepen their community impact.


Deepening Community Impact: A Discussion on Key Resources to Help Your Organization Grow in 2022

Brief Summary:

Credit unions and other mission driven depository organizations that focus on financial inclusion and community development outperform their peers. “Mission is now the opportunity for greater margin,” as Cathie Mahon of Inclusiv puts it. In this webinar, you will learn about the supports which exist to help credit unions and depository organizations transition to a financial inclusion mission and the benefits that kind of transition has on the growth of an organization. You will also learn about the importance of using data based measurement systems to capture the impact and mission fulfillment financial institutions achieve as a way to build the industry and reach new communities. Lastly you will learn about the visibility, partnership, and capital opportunities mission-driven organizations gain through capital intermediaries like CUNA, Inclusiv, and CNote.

Topics include:

  • How to access new sources of growth capital
  • How to tap into non-brokered, low-cost deposits
  • How to tell your story better to drive increased membership
  • How to access government programs that may support your growth or TA efforts

Speakers include:

  •  Mike Schenk, Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Policy Analysis and Chief Economist, CUNA
  •  Cathie Mahon, President, and CEO, Inclusiv
  •  Catherine Berman, Co-founder, and CEO, CNote

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