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Diversity in CDFI Capitalization Planning Webinar

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On September 7th, 2021 CNote hosted a webinar where CNote, two CDFI partners, and a foundation discussed diversity in CDFI capitalization.

The goal of the webinar was to educate CDFI attendees about capitalization diversity and the associated challenges and benefits of working with various capital sources. The panelists also shared investor trends they were seeing in the marketplace, and how those trends could affect the availability of new capital.

Listen below to learn more:


Diversity in CDFI Capitalization Planning: A CNote Webinar targeting CDFI Loan Funds

Brief Summary:

CDFI Loan Funds rely on various sources of capital – local and federal government funding, philanthropic support, CRA dollars, locally sourced private capital, and others to fulfill their mission of economic inclusion and development. Securing new investors and partnerships can unlock access to diverse funding sources that help CDFIs expand impact and growth. In this webinar, you will hear from two seasoned CDFIs talk about how they approach capitalization planning and navigate associated challenges. You will also hear from an impact investor, Sierra Club Foundation, as they talk about current impact investor trends and why CDFIs are an important part of their portfolio.

CDFI attendees will learn about:

  • Considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the sources of capital – cost, restrictions, compliance, etc.;
  • Benefits and challenges associated with working with various capital sources;
  • Investor trends in the marketplace and how those trends could affect the availability of new capital.

Speakers will include:

  •  Kevin McGahan, CFO, Sierra Club Foundation
  •  Josh Brackett, CFO, Access for Capital for Entrepreneurs
  •  Paul Quintero, CEO, Ascendus
  •  Stacy Zielinski, Community Development Director, CNote (moderator)

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