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CNote’s January Impact Roundup


Welcome to the January edition of the CNote Impact Round-Up, a monthly publication, where we take you through some of the most impactful and popular things we recently shared, discovered, or learned.

From big industry news to op-ed pieces, we’ll paint an entertaining and full-spectrum picture of everything that you need to know in the sustainability and impact investing space.

Harvard Business Review takes a look back at some of the biggest stories of 2020, and how they’ve changed business’ role in society forever. Among these stories is how investors continue to trend towards accepting ESG. According to a Morgan Stanley survey, “80% of asset owners are integrating ESG into the investment process, up from 70% in 2017.”

Check out the full article here

How a Biden Administration Will Boost ESG and Impact Investing by Barrons

What can the Biden-Harris administration do to ensure that the ESG and Impact Investing fields continue to grow? This article discusses some of the policy changes and investment trends that investors can expect to see; such as prioritizing social businesses, supporting clean energy, and boosting CDFIs. 

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Biden Administration Pledges Support for CDFIs & MDIs by the Credit Union Times

The Biden Administration made a commitment to support the CDFI program when Janet Yellen met with representatives of CDFIs and Minority Depository Institutions. 

“Dr. Yellen and Mr. Adeyemo pledged their commitment to increasing CDFIs and MDIs’ small business lending capacity – including capital and technical capacity – so they can continue to expand and grow and deliver support to those hardest-hit by this crisis and lift up communities that have been denied access to mainstream banking and lending services,” the Biden Team said.

Check out the full article here

How Investing in Women Helps Everyone During a Pandemic By Ebony Perkins

The United States is facing what some experts are calling a “female recession’.  Many of the most deeply affected industries during the pandemic, such as retail, childcare, and entertainment, have a majority female workforce. This has resulted in women being more susceptible to economic hardship and layoffs. 

Perkins discusses how investors seeking high impact can have a direct and positive effect on women and their families by tailoring their funding choices. 

Check out the full article here

CDFIs plug tech holes to close wealth gaps by American Banker

COVID-19, and the subsequent economic recession laid bare not only the inequities that exist in different communities but also among the organizations, like CDFIs, that support them. 

Check out this article to see how CDFIs are increasing their technological capabilities to be able to process more loans and drive more capital into vulnerable communities. 

Check out the full article here

CNote selected as Real Leaders 2021 Top Impact Company

We are thrilled to announce that Real Leaders has selected CNote as a 2021 Top Impact Company.

CNote was selected based on the calculated impact from our most recent B-Impact Assessment, most recent impact report, and other company financial statistics.

The 2021 award winners include game-changers such as Tesla, Beyond Meat, Patagonia, and 147 other well-respected impact brands of all sizes and from a variety of industries. 

Check out the full article here

How to add Impact Investing to client portfolios through CDFI Loans by Morningstar

A fantastic and comprehensive resource from Morningstar on how CDFI loans can fit into a client’s financial plan and also make a positive social impact.

Check out the full article here

Impact Investors Could Be Credit Unions’ Path to Long-Term Resilience by Yuliya Tarasava

2020 has shown us the value of being prepared for drastic shifts in lifestyle and business; in other words, the value of being resilient. For credit unions, one way of becoming more resilient is through impact investors, who can help them quickly adopt new technology while providing mission-aligned capital. 

Check out the full article here

Black advisers share wide-ranging views of Capitol Hill riot and its fallout by Investment News

On January 6th, rioters stormed the Capitol building. The events from that day highlighted, amongst other things, the racial divide that still exists in our country. CNote’s Danielle Burns shared her views on what happened that day and how we can move forward and heal as a nation.

Check out the full article here

We hope that you enjoyed this month’s Impact Roundup! Was there anything that we missed? Connect with us on Twitter (@gocnote) and leave us any comments, ideas, or feedback that you have. Until next month!

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