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CNote’s 2022 Annual Impact Report

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CNote is excited to share our 2022 Annual Impact Report! Check it out here.

This report features a look back at some milestones we reached last year, explores CNote’s offerings and their impact, and highlights some of the mission-driven financial institutions we are honored to work with.

In this report you will see:

  • A timeline of big wins from last year, like our B Corp recertification and Series A funding round.
  • An update on Impact Cash and CNote’s fixed income solutions, as well as a look at some of our custom loans.
  • Insight on the diligence process CNote uses before onboarding new financial institution partners.
  • A look into the work the Wisdom Fund Collaborative is doing to create capital access for women of color entrepreneurs.
  • And a note of gratitude from CNote’s cofounders, Yuliya Tarasava and Catherine Berman.

Check it out:

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