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CNote’s 2018 Year End Summary

CNoteImpact Metrics

Over 1,400 Jobs Created/Maintained

Over 250 Small Businesses Funded

For Each Dollar Invested in CNote:

went to women-led businesses (WLB)
went to minority-led businesses (MLB)
went to Low to Moderate Income (LMI) communities

A Few Words From CNote’s CEO

2018 was a time of significant growth for CNote. The total number of users on our platform grew substantially and we took on institutional investments from amazing partners like the Sierra Club Foundation.

This influx of capital meant we were able to deploy more assets to our network of non-profit lenders across America. Those CNote-investment dollars funded loans that helped individuals pursue their dreams of starting small businesses, helped build affordable housing, and helped to bring economic development to communities that need it most.

Our intention is to continue to deliver competitive financial returns while generating measurable and significant positive social impact. To that end, we’ve roughly doubled our impact metrics from 2017, across the board. While pleased with the 800 jobs created/maintained in 2017, we are thrilled that we nearly doubled that number to more than 1,400 in 2018.

Additionally, our growing network of partners that now covers 37 states, allowed us to deploy capital with even more intention in 2018. This meant that for every dollar you invested in CNote we were able to deliver significant targeted impact. To illustrate, historically around 4.4% of all small business funding goes to women-owned firms. 1 Meanwhile 43% of CNote’s investment dollars were deployed to women-led businesses, almost 10x the norm. It is radical shifts in capital access like this that will build a more inclusive and robust American economy–which is our overarching mission at CNote.

Finally, on the financial front, starting in January 2019, the rate of return on all CNote accounts will be increasing to 2.75%. This is in furtherance of our goal to prove that impactful investing can be profitable as well.

Wishing you a prosperous and impactful 2019!

Cat Berman


Some Small Business Success Stories From 2018

*Note that pro-forma numbers were updated to final impact numbers on March 6, 2019, after receiving finalized impact data from our CDFI partners. Previously, the above numbers were pro-forma calculations based on Q3 performance and the total capital deployed in Q4.

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