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CNote’s 2018 Impact Report

CNoteImpact Metrics

See the impact your money had with CNote in 2018

Click to read CNote’s 2018 Impact Report.

The report highlights a few borrower success stories from 2018 along with how CNote is pursuing specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Highlights include: 

  • Over 1,400 Jobs Created/Maintained
  • 60% of all capital deployed with minority-led businesses 
  • 43% of all capital deployed with women-led businesses
  • 58% of all capital deployed with LMI communities
  • 286 Loans Funded

CNote is also extremely proud of our financial performance, assets deployed grew by nearly 3x, we had no defaults, late payments or losses while generating competitive returns for investors.

CNote’s 2018 Impact Report


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