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CNote selected to participate in Village Capital FinTech program


Program-Tiles60We are humbled and proud to share that CNote has been selected to participate in the Village Capital FinTech program. This program, co-sponsored by PayPal and Village Capital, is on a mission to help create “accessible, efficient, and affordable financial services for underserved communities and small businesses.” Such recognition does come with a responsibility to continue what we started – democratizing finance, generating higher returns for everyone, and helping to build and fund underserved communities and entrepreneurs

CNote is one of twelve companies that were selected to participate, each of them “addresses true pain points in the current financial system or intends to expand their services to fill those gaps.” Peer learning and sharing is what makes Village Capital program especially unique and there is certainly a lot to learn from other courageous and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs. To complement, all companies will also receive support and input from member organizations including PayPal, BlackRock, Access Ventures and Village Capital. It truly takes a village to build what people need. 

The CNote team is excited about the opportunity this invitation presents and looks forward to spreading the word about our mission to generate higher returns for our customers while making a positive social impact. Stay tuned for the updates about the program progress, our learnings and “a-ha’s”.

You can read more about the Village Capital FinTech program here and here, and read more about CNote and our mission, here.


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