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CNote Partnership Announcement: LiftFund


We are excited to announce that CNote has partnered with LiftFund, an industry-leading CDFI.

LiftFund is a non-profit organization originally based in San Antonio, Texas that is focused on providing capital to borrowers who may have difficulty getting a small-business loan from traditional funding sources.

LiftFund has made more than 20,000 small business loans totaling over $280 million and has expanded their operations to 13 states since its founding 24 years ago. 

We’re a non-profit organization that helps small business owners with limited access to capital have a chance to live their dreams.

Formerly known as Accion Texas, Inc., you can learn more about LiftFund’s mission by watching this short video.

In addition to capital, LiftFund provides technical assistance (advising and business counseling) to small business owners in order to help them build profitable and sustainable businesses. LiftFund has found that small business loans through CDFI’s result in an increase in business survival rate and a decrease in unemployment. You can read some of their inspiring success stories here.

What’s more, LiftFund has found that for every dollar they invest in small businesses, there’s a fourteen dollar net positive economic benefit at the local and state level. With that kind of economics, we know CNote capital will have a significant and lasting impact via LiftFund!

LiftFund provides economic opportunity to those often left out of the financial mainstream, including minority, low-income, and female business owners. Their portfolio consists of 85% entrepreneurs of color, 40% women-owned businesses and 10% veterans. Read LiftFund’s special feature about their support of Hispanic-owned businesses

LiftFund believes that helping small businesses causes a “chain reaction” that in turn helps communities, towns, and states thrive in the long run. We at CNote are extremely excited to have a partner with such a demonstrated commitment to increasing financial inclusion in America.

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