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CNote named Best Alternative Investment Platform at Finovate


CNote was selected as the Best Alternative Investment Platform at the 2020 Finovate Awards!

The Finovate Awards, which are in their second year of running, recognizes the individuals and companies that are driving fintech innovation forward.

Award judges included media analysts, board members, bankers, and fintech founders. They had the difficult task of distilling a record number of nominations into just a single winner in each of the 23 categories.

While we are excited, personally, to receive this award, we are far more thrilled that this growing recognition will bring more capital to a place where it can be leveraged to help vulnerable and financially underserved communities.

About CNote

CNote is a women-led impact investment platform that uses technology to unlock diversified and proven community investments to generate economic mobility and financial inclusion. We empower investors to directly align their values with their investments through innovative cash and fixed income offerings.

We deploy capital through our CDFI partners, which are private financial institutions with a primary goal of delivering affordable lending to aid financially disadvantaged individuals and communities. These community partners benefit from CNote’s investments through access to new sources of capital that are often more flexible and mission-aligned.

Since 2016, CNote has been developing technology to unlock access to investments in racial equity, economic justice, and gender equity and help close the wealth gap in underserved communities across America.

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