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CNote attends the National Bankers Association’s 95 Anniversary Conference


CNote attends the National Bankers Association’s 95 Anniversary Conference in D.C.

The National Bankers Association’s 95th Anniversary Conference: Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future: MDIs and the Road to Wealth Creation was held on October 13th and 14th in Washington D.C. The conference featured two days of programs and events focused on strengthening minority depository institutions (MDIs). CNote’s Barāta A Bey, director of community finance, was in attendance. 

In addition to connecting in person with banks and vendors in the community and impact-driven finance space, Barāta sat in on talks featuring federal regulators, the U.S. Department of Treasury, and spokespeople from the Federal Reserve on topics including future MDI funding opportunities, advancing financial inclusion, and today’s economy. 

Barāta also attended a session, “Closing the Racial Wealth Gap: How Impact Investing and Reporting is Critical for MDIs,” which was a conversation around the key role investors can play in scaling the impactful work MDIs achieve. National Bankers Association (NBA) is a trade association focused on the priorities and needs of MDIs. NBA works to support and strengthen America’s minority-owned and operated banks through federal advocacy, policy, and programs. NBA’s members include Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, and women-owned and operated banks across the country, all working to help low- and moderate-income communities.Through NBA these members gain more opportunities to participate in national conversations about closing the racial wealth gap.

Dominik Mjartan (far left), CEO of CNote partner Optus Bank, and Nicole Elam (center left), president and CEO of NBA together with other conference speakers.

Major conference themes included the trends, challenges, and opportunities that uniquely impact MDIs. Barāta shared that the conference was “an inspiring showcase of innovative solutions coming out of the industry and the organizations and associations around MDIs that are similarly on a mission to eliminate the racial wealth gap in America.” At CNote we’re excited to fold his key learnings into the work we do with MDIs across the country and the communities they serve. 

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