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Challenging The Status Quo of Finance


Challenger Brands Conference

The great folks over at Hint Water were kind enough to host the Challenger Brands conference. A day dedicated to breaking down what it means to be an innovative brand and how that shapes a company, its mission, and its interaction with its customers. 

Challenger brands are defined as companies that “disrupt the status quo, building new and formidable businesses in no time, and — in some cases — creating entirely new markets for their products, in the process. Brand Innovators Challenger Brands will deconstruct what makes challenger brands click with consumers and why technology is a game changer for all companies that want to stay ahead of the pack. Learn what you need to know to leave your competitors in the dust!”

It was a great chance to hear from brands and media companies that support them in their mission of disruption. You can read the full agenda here. The list is filled with creative minds focused on disrupting the various industries they operate in.

CNote as a Challenger Brand

The overarching focus of the conference was how challenger brands can and have displaced larger incumbents in the marketplace.

CNote’s CEO Catherine Berman was selected to speak at this Brand Innovators Conference. Below, she is sharing her vision for how CNote plans to disrupt traditional finance.

Cat shared her vision for CNote, and the path that led her to where she is today. She also talked about how many incumbent brands in finance are failing to adequately serve large segments of their users, or are pushing away potential users. For example, many women feel that their financial advisers do not serve their interests or understand their goals.

It was inspiring to hear the stories of these brands, some large and some small, and how they are working to drive change in their industries. We are grateful to have been acknowledged alongside these other great companies. CNote is dedicated to creating financial products that serve the masses not a select few, if that makes us a challenger brand–then so be it. We’ll continue to push to be the change we seek in the financial world.

You can watch Cat’s full speech here:

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