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Beyond Banking: The Crucial Role of Impact-Driven Banks and Credit Unions in Underserved Communities

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Impact-driven banks and credit unions forge a dynamic partnership with under-resourced communities, blending immediate solutions with lasting development. These institutions stand as pillars of community support. Anchored by tailored financial products and programs, spanning affordable housing loans to job creation initiatives, impact-drive banks and credit unions commit to both present concerns and the future prosperity of those excluded by traditional finance.

Deposits power the success of these institutions, driving transformative change and amplifying lending within underserved areas. The Impact Deposit Collaborative, comprised of leading bank and credit union associations Inclusiv, CDBA, NBA and CNote, sheds light on CFIs’ profound societal and environmental impact. Unveiling how they catalyze progress in areas like racial justice, financial inclusion, and climate change, the collaborative’s work also illuminates the crucial role deposits play. For deeper insights into the transformative potential of social impact deposits, explore their findings below:

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