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Authentic and Shareable Impact: Best Practices for Credit Unions

CNoteCommunity Partners

On May 24th, 2022 CNote hosted a webinar alongside CUNA Strategic Services where they discussed best practices for credit unions to follow when measuring impact and sharing their impact stories.


Authentic and Shareable Impact | Best Practices for Credit Unions

Brief Summary:

Credit unions and other mission-driven depository organizations create financial inclusion and further sustainable community development. Today, the organizations that get the impact piece right and showcase that community impact effectively, gain more opportunities for growth, visibility, and deeper partnerships with mission-aligned investors. “Mission is now the opportunity for greater margin,” as Cathie Mahon of Inclusiv puts it.

In this webinar, you will learn about the business case for sharing the difference you’re making in communities and how that can contribute to short-term and long-term success.  You will also learn best practices for impact measurement and reporting and resources to help credit unions in this effort.

Topics include:

  • What impact investors are looking for and where your impact story fits
  • 5 keys to sharing your impact story
  • Storytelling and impact measurement in practice
  • Impactrelated resources

Speakers include:

  •  Tamra Thetford, Director of Impact Evaluation, CNote
  •  Catherine Berman, Co-founder, and CEO, CNote
  •  Hank Hubbard, President, and CEO, One Detroit Credit Union
  • Jenny Jackson, Alliance Manager, CUNA Strategic Services
  • Michelle Christie, Senior Manager, Financial Inclusion and Impact, National Credit Union Foundation

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