CNote For Institutions

We help Corporations, Foundations, Endowments, and other institutions seamlessly scale investments into communities across America.

Real people, real impact.

CNote can help you target thematic and place-based investment goals.
Below are a few examples of success stories you can help create.

Invest in Equality

CNote investments foster local economic development, funding things like affordable housing development and fairly-priced small business loans that allow the next generation of female and minority entrepreneurs to support themselves and their communities.

Existing Partnerships with Foundations

CNote partnered with the Triskeles Foundation to help Donor Advised Funds deploy capital and magnify their social impact prior to any grantmaking.

The Triskeles Foundation

CNote worked with the Sierra Club Foundation to implement a local-investing program to supplement targeted initiatives the foundation was already supporting. Read the joint case study.

The Sierra Club Foundation

Read the joint Case Study by The Sierra Club Foundation and CNote

Learn how CNote’s technology lowered the operational burden of investing across multiple geographies and provided flexible liquidity, helping the Sierra Club Foundation earn a higher rate of return on funds typically held as cash or invested in short-term cash equivalents.

cover page for joint case study by CNote and the Sierra Club Foundation

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