Your growth is our mission

CNote technology unlocks access to new capital and partnerships for community-focused depository organizations

Industry Alliances Include

New partner, new opportunities

CNote’s mission is to close the wealth gap by drastically increasing the capital flows into communities across America. We do that by partnering with leading community lenders that deliver on the promise of a more inclusive economy. Our goal is to provide affordable, mission-aligned capital, while opening the door to deeper engagement including:

  • New source of deposits
  • Growth capital opportunities
  • Visibility and partnership opportunities
  • New member opportunities
  • Unified account management to reduce administrative burden
  • Save time: CNote handles impact reporting for you
What is Impact Cash®?

Impact Cash®: Connecting You to Impact Investors

Impact Cash connects corporations and other impact investors to institutions like yours that work deep in their communities to affect positive change for their members and customers. CNote capital comes at no cost to our community partners.

  • Build direct connections to a network of new impact investor capital through a single touchpoint
  • CNote investors are deeply committed to economic justice and community development
  • CNote investors are more willing to offer lower interest rates at longer commitments
  • Increased visibility: Marketing support for increased client/membership opportunities
  • Zero-fee program that prioritizes long-term community impact

Program highlights

What is CNote?

CNote: Committed to community development

CNote takes a community-first approach in our role as a capital intermediary. We work to ensure that depository institutions can expand the reach of the great work they do on their terms. With technology at the heart of our partnership, we create efficiencies and take the burden off of your organization.

  • National alliances with CUNA Strategic Services, National Bankers Association, CDBA, Inclusiv, and others
  • Enjoy standardized and streamlined impact reporting
  • Work with a team with deep community-finance industry experience that understands your challenges and goals
  • CNote has operated since 2016
  • Female-founded certified B-Corp committed to financial inclusion and diversity
  • CNote’s focus is growing the community finance industry and educating the public about community investing

Benefits to your organization

Faster access

Instead of spending months building investor relationships, capital can be sent in just a few days

Stickier deposits

Impact-focused deposits are longer-term and less transactional

Deeper partnerships

Ongoing collaboration with large impact investors and corporations can lead to future funding opportunities like equity and secondary capital

Increased visibility

CNote advocates for the industry and its partners, brand awareness activities include media campaigns, case studies, and webinars

Common program questions

  • CNote’s impact investor community includes large corporations, like Mastercard and PayPal.
  • CNote does not negotiate rates but rather funds your Depository Institution’s (DI) preferred depository product on existing terms and offered rates.
  • How to learn more – you can use the form below to get connected with a CNote team member who will explain the program in more detail. Or, you can contact Barata Bey, CNote’s Director of Community Finance, at

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