CNote’s Community Forum

CNote delivers a quarterly digital email newsletter to our network, highlighting important industry events, trends among credit unions and impact investors, inspiring stories, and new partnerships. This newsletter serves as a valuable resource to keep you informed and engaged with the broader CNote community.

Next steps: 

  • CNote will automatically enroll your organization’s point of contact in the Community Forum. If there are other members of your organization that you would like to be included, please forward their name and email address to Danielle Burns. We will ensure they are included! 
  • What do you want to hear? The Community Forum is an iterative publication. If there is anything specific you would like to be included, please let Danielle know and we will work on including it in future newsletters. 

The Benefit: By subscribing to CNote’s Community Forum, you’ll be at the forefront of industry insights and trends, helping you stay informed and connected.

You can view a copy of CNote’s most recent Community Forum below: