CDFI Capital Needs Survey


The CDFI Loan Fund Capital Needs Survey was funded and conducted by CNote, a community investment platform working to drive investor capital from new and diverse sources into CDFIs across America.

As a capital intermediary, CNote aims to support the CDFI industry and educate investors.

CNote will conduct this survey on a bi-annual basis and share longitudinal findings going forward. 

Survey Status: Closed

The most recent capital needs survey closed on August 31, 2021.

We are currently processing responses and will publish those results later this year.

We will solicit responses to the next survey in early 2022.

You can view the spring 2021 report by clicking below.


The CDFI Capital Needs Survey is a bi-annual survey intended to catalog current and expected capital needs for CDFIs. This information will be cataloged into a bi-annual report to be shared with impact investors and the CDFI industry.


The goal of the survey is to help align expectations and drive greater investment into the CDFI industry by communicating needs and demand to potential investors and partners. The data may also be useful to emerging CDFIs looking to understand the current CDFI-capital landscape.


This survey is conducted by CNote, a technology platform focused on driving greater investment into CDFIs and underserved communities across America.


Survey results will be published on a bi-annual basis shortly after the survey closes. Our goal is to release results by mid-May and mid-October every year.

Download the most recent report

Spring 2021 Report

CDFIs that would like to be notified each time the bi-annual survey opens for responses, please provide your email here.

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