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What Security Practices Does CNote Maintain?

Security is core to CNote’s values.

We appreciate the deep trust our customers must have to invest and share sensitive personal information with CNote.

To that end, we have formal security practices that mandate all customer data to be transmitted over secure connections and stored in an encrypted format.

We maintain full audit logs of all activity and have strict policies regarding the disclosure, transmission, and manipulation of customer data.

These procedures may prevent our team from sharing information or making account changes when requested over email or other non-secure communication channels.

CNote also has a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) which allows security researchers acting in good faith to help us maintain a high standard for security and privacy for our users, partners, and employees.

For obvious reasons, we do not disclose all the various tools and methods we employ to maintain the security of our platform but know that our dedicated engineering team spends a significant amount of time thinking about how to best protect your data from even the most sophisticated of intrusions.

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