Does CNote currently have any referral bonus or other customer incentive programs?

Yes, CNote currently offers an interest rate bonus, where if a CNote user directly refers three (3) or more friends who sign up for CNote, the referring user will earn an extra 0.25%, up to 3.00% on their account.*

*Note: referral credit eligibility is only applicable to new CNote members. Interest rate bonus only applicable to Flagship Fund investments. To qualify for the 3.00% interest rate, each of your three friends must open and fund a CNote account with at least $1,000 using your unique referral link. This promotion is valid only so long as listed on the CNote website. This offer is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. The bonus rate will last for the greater of 12 months or the outstanding term of any existing notes, a maximum of 30 months.

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